Chinese New Year in Thailand

สุขสันต์วันตรุษจีน /sùk-săn wan dtrùt jeen/ 🏮🎉

Happy Chinese New Year! 

When you see everything in red (สีแดง /sĕe daeng/),

it’s the time to celebrate Chinese New Year! 


Chinese New Year has been celebrated widely in different parts of Thailand. You can see plenty of red and gold decorations, also you may feel the warm atmosphere from everywhere as it is a time for a family gathering. 


Even it isn't a national holiday, Thai Chinese people celebrates Chinese New year quite similar to other Chinese people around the world. The temples and shrines are full of people, family members will spend time together to pray for a good fortune and pay respect to their ancestors. People will wear red clothes and decorate their houses with red paper lanterns and some good fortune & wealthy wish banners during the festival. 

When it comes to the time of praying and family feast, there will be a blessing that have been said normally as ‘Xin Jie Yu Yi, Xin Ni Huad Chai’ (ซินเจียยู่อี่ ซินนี้ฮวดไช้) which is a Taochew version. 

Also, the most favourite part is to hand each other the red envelopes with money inside (called ANG-PAO 🧧). For Thai Chinese people, they will stop giving you the ANG PAO when you start working or earning the money. On the other hand, you may be the one who giveaway the ANG PAO.


This Chinese New Year, the Ox year 🐮, Siampartners would like to wish everyone a wealthy and healthy life! Get lots of Ang Pao and always be happy. 😊

สุขสันต์วันตรุษจีนนะคะ /sùk-săn wan dtrùt jeen na ka/ 

เฮงๆ รวยๆ /heng heng · ruuay ruuay/ 

อั่งเปาตั่วตั่วไก๊นะคะ /àng-bpao dtùua-dtùua-gái na ka/ 


Watch the video here! 🎊

คำศัพท์ (Vocabularies) 

วันตรุษจีน /wan dtrùt jeen/ = Chinese New Year

ไหว้ /wâai/ = pray

เสร็จแล้ว /sèt láew/ = already finished

กิน /gin/ = eat

ขอให้ /kŏr hâi/ = wish

รวย /ruuay/ = rich 




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