Kru Wam holds a Bachelor degree at Chulalongkorn University, Bachelor of Arts - BA and Master degree at Bangkok University, Digital Marketing Communications

Kru Prem holds a Bachelor degree in International Affairs and a Master degree in Public Relations

Kru Vee is co-founder of Siam Partners. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master Degree in Chemical Biology.

On my way to become a good listener, enjoy being here and there

Kru Kat holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master degree in MBA.

" I'm an easygoing person and nice to meet you all na krab :) "

Hi ! I am open to various sort of conversation with you, like lifestyle, food, travel, cafe, pets and more. Let's enjoy our Thai conversation.

One who loves peace, plants, poem and writing. Is a good listener.

I’m friendly with another people that I never know them before, funny and easy smiley face

A Person who believes in ambition and going for the things you want. Let's share your passion and make it come true :))

" I like to meet and talk with many people, we can learn from each other about everything"

"Girl who be passionate about traveling and in deep relationships with food. Like to meet new people and learn new things. I am not perfect but I am limited edition"

"Optimistic person : I believe that we are what we think. I always try to figure out the good thing from some bad thing just in case it will turn into a good learning experience. Talkative person: If we get close enough, you'll realize that I'm a talkative person. I like to tell my friends interesting stories to brighten up their day and make them happy"

Your Thai buddy who loves travelling, taking photos, baking, and especially listening! Let’s speak Thai together!

Hi there! I’m Mild, and I’m very excited to talk to you. Sharing new things with new friends helps widen perspectives. Thanks for coming to open up my world, buddy!

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